Can He do it? Yes He can!

It has been a long time since I’ve written here, but the Lord totally floored me the other day and I had to write it down!

For the most part I love worship music. However, every once in awhile there comes a song that I just don’t enjoy. This year our church introduced several new songs from “The Vertical Church Band” album The Rock Won’t Move (which I highly recommend) but there was one song that I just did not like. It has some great harmonies, but the chorus makes me think of Bob The Builder and reminds me of some kids worship songs. But the thing that I kept making fun of was the lyrics.

Can He love His enemies?
Can He make them family?
Life is in His mighty hands
Life is in almighty hands

He can do it, yes, He can
He will prove it, our God can
No one else can save us, redeem us, create a new life in us
Only Jesus can © Vertical Church Band 2013

Every time we sang it at church, I just kept thinking, “Well obviously! What kind of a question is that?” It drove me crazy, I even used scripture, thinking of Jesus’ response to the father who asks “If you can…” in Mark 9, and Jesus responds “IF I can? With God all things are possible…

So this has become a running joke among my friends, some of whom love the song and some who agree with me and skip that track on the album. But tonight, the band actually was playing a free concert at our church. It was great, 2 hours of some rocking worship songs and of course, they play “Only Jesus Can” and I sort of cringed, but then the Lord spoke so clearly to my heart and said, “you ask these questions all the time!” and I was startled for a minute. And then I realized I totally do!

Every time I worry about whether God is going to meet my bills, I’m asking “Can He do it?”
Every time I worry about meeting the Ministry expenses, I’m asking “Can He do it?”
Every time I worry about our full time staff, and how they are going to buy groceries…
Every time a situation stresses me out, relationships struggle, …
Every time I think I’m never going to change, never going to get past this…
Every time… I’m asking “Can He do it?”

So in reality I have been making fun of myself! If the answer to the song lyrics is so obvious to me, why isn’t it obvious to me in my own life? OBVIOUSLY He can!!! Why am I even asking that question?

I was so convicted while we were singing it, that for the first time I had to sing it loud because they were my questions! Thankfully, I found the Grace of God in the second line of the chorus. Even though I am asking such silly questions all the time, God loves me so much that He doesn’t respond like I did, instead His response is, “He will prove it…” He probably shakes His head at my lack of faith, then smiles and loves me anyway, and goes on to prove that “Yes He can!”

Oh Lord, help my unbelief!

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