Not many people know what majesty is all about.  In fact, the camp we are at at the moment (Lakeside Bible Camp) has the theme of Medieval Times, but the concept of kings and queens and  courtiers is really lost on most of us.  But every once in awhile, as part of the commonwealth of the United Kingdom, Canada gets a little glimpse into the royal life.  On occasion the royals visit us to perform their duty to this rather large part of the British Empire.  The Queen is our final authority, the commander in chief; her family, the ranking officers in our army and when she or her family comes, they come with all the pomp and circumstance that goes with royalty.

We happened to be discussing this during the May long weekend.  For it was Victoria Day in Canada, celebrating Queen Victoria’s birthday and as an added bonus this is Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee, her 60th year as Queen, so members of the royal family are making many trips to commemorate the year throughout the Commonwealth.  Prince Charles and his wife the Duchess Camila were here in Toronto.  As we went down to Center Island to enjoy an incredibly beautiful day, we laughed about hanging around to watch the fireworks with the man who is next in line for the throne.  The funny part was, that as we got in our car to leave in the evening we were stopped by the police.  All of a sudden, a dozen motorcycle officers cut off the street we were pulling on to, blocked the intersections, and made pedestrians stand still.   Then, moments later, a long motorcade came around the corner, one limousine had the British flag on it, and there, right in front of us was Prince Charles waving to us as we watched him drive by.  Just as quickly the police were gone.

Perhaps you think, what a waste, why do we need to have a royal family?  What’s the purpose?   Why do they have all this money and celebrity just because of their birth?  But I think we can learn so much more.  Earlier in the day, I had thought it funny that I am interested in the royal family and the ceremony that goes on with them.  I mean, I remember watching Prince Charles and Lady Di get married, then was up at 5am and watched some of Prince William and Kate’s wedding this past year.  It seems somewhat silly and girlish, but I think it makes me that much more excited to see the ceremony that comes with my King.

The King of kings!  Imagine Him riding to get His bride on that white horse?  The train of His robe fills the temple, imagine what His bride’s will be like (if anyone remembers Princess Diana’s!)  I can imagine the arch angels ahead of Him, stopping the powers of darkness, holding them back with a hand gesture as He makes His way through the heavenlies for us!

That is majesty.  That is royalty.  If we can watch humans and make such a presentation of their royal lineage, what sort of majesty will follow the God of the universe?  No wonder every knee will bow and every tongue confess.  This is one royal wedding that not only do I get to see, I get to be a part of!

~ Patti


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  1. Hannah says:

    Such a great blog Patti! What a great reminder to get some perspective on present circumstances and worldly worries.

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