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We received this email from one of our volunteers at A Hand Up, our clothing room…

I have a good God story and I’d like to share.

Through the clothing room I have met a “dutch” girl named who came with her 3 month old baby on a Tuesday afternoon to find some clothes.   She asked if I knew a good church she could go to, preferably reformed because that is how she grew up.  I told her about the ones in Bradford and tried to get her a ride with someone in town but it didn’t work out.  She told me that she wanted to try our church and I asked another couple who live on her road that go if they could drive her and they were happy to help.  Sunday morning  I was praying that she would come.  It was 8:30 and the service just started when in came our friends, with not only her in tow, but her husband too!  (He is from Iran)  God is sooo amazing!

The sermon was entitled:  How Do We Know the Bible is Reliable.   Sweet introduction for someone who is new to church.  Afterward she was blown away at the difference in worship style and other things, than what she had grown up with, and her husband was intrigued by it all.  He looked at the Bible I was holding and asked what kind it was.  I told him it was the same translation as the pastor was using and asked him if he would like a Bible.  He said, “I really would because I want to read it and see if what the pastor was saying is really true.”  He shared further that he has been on his own since he was 12 years old and he has seen more in his life than we could ever think or imagine.  Now that he has a 3 month old, he realizes he needs to teach him stuff, but has no idea what to teach him.  Wow. 

So please pray for them and their son… that they will read their Bible and come to know Jesus as their Saviour. 

And I praise God for Crosstrainers and the Clothing room… for the connection that was made.

Just thought I’d share,

What a sweet testimony to what the Lord is doing!   We are again doing a Christmas Wish list for people in need in our community.  Clients from the clothing room and some from the low income housing here in town have signed up for what they are “wishing” for for Christmas.  If you would like to adopt someone and provide their gift please contact us.  We are collecting gifts on the 9th of December at our “Peculiar Christmas” celebration and will be distributing them on December 20th at A Hand Up’s open house.  

If you have time to shop for an extra gift, it would bless so many.

You can contact us at ct@ctministries.ca to adopt someone.  Remember, it is only one gift but showing the love of Christ to one heart in our community!

~ Patti


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CrossTrainers is a ministry with a heart to train people to live, love and lead with for the glory of God.
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  1. junecg says:

    So…I went out with a friend in search of a gift from the Wish List and WAS SO TOTALLY BLESSED! The one store I went into – when I was paying we mentioned about the Wish list…the lady said “bless you” and explained that this is her first year where she has not had to sigh up for assistance – she had been living in a shelter with her children and, with the help of generous people, she shared how she was able to get back on her feet. She was absolutely lovely – and had tears in her eyes as she repeated the “bless you”. Wow…you think you are doing something for somebody and God totally blesses you. He is so very amazing!

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